Groceries With Pennies

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You have tried spending countless hours on those sites to learn to coupon, gone to different cheaper stores, and ordered meal planning printables off those other blogs.

But you still find yourself spending way too much money standing in the glow of the refrigerator light night after night.

 Nobody has time for all of the coupon clipping, running from store to store, and spending hours browsing Pinterest for new recipes.

This is why you need a system that is motivating enough to keep you focused, on track, and on budget created by someone who gets you and understands your life.

 This ebook and workbook is everything you need to trim your grocery budget to under $200 a month for your family of four, take control of the food in your home, and stay away from those to go containers once and for all (unless its a planned night of fun).


Here’s what you get:

Detailed instructions on how to grocery shop

  • A list of ideas for breakfast and lunch
  • A step by step guide on how to meal plan
  • One month of dinners
  • A grocery list with actual cost comparisons showing you how you can save up to 58% on your grocery budget.

And… Bonuses:

  • Meal planning with Pennies (8 pages of meal planning help)
  • Master printable grocery list
  • Wholesale Club List
  • Favorite meal printables
  • Pantry and freezer inventory pages
  • 55 MORE Cheap Meals